Sunday, January 24, 2016

Prayer of Gratitude

Prayer of Gratitude

Dear God,
I celebrate your gentle presence with me here now.               
Like the steady glow of a candle flame,
You warm the darkness with your soft touch.
When I let myself be with you -
When I let myself feel your loving gaze upon me -
I want to laugh at all my funny fears. 
I want to dance with abandon to
The intoxicating music of life that is you. 
Filled with your song, I have no desire
Other than to sing in harmony with your many voices.
Oh that my presence in this world can be an open channel
Pouring forth your sweet and tender love on all.
Oh what a privilege, oh what heavenly joy!
You are the source, You ARE life!
There is nothing more I could ask than to be your vessel.
Let it be me, dear God, let it be me.
Today and always,
Thank-you, God, thank-you.

by Karen Bacon

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