Thursday, April 7, 2016

reflections on life perspectives

One way I cope with spring snow is to use it as an opportunity to grow in spirit, a chance to practice choosing my perspective. 

I imagine life to be like a board game with people gathered all around.  I notice that players who have become totally invested in the game, who have given over their identity to their piece and forgotten that they are the player outside the game, become totally reactive when things don’t go the way they want.  If they land on a space that sends them back two spaces, they become enraged or depressed, or if they pass all the other pieces up, they go into ecstasy! 

On the other hand, players with a larger perspective, those who remember who they are outside their game piece, can participate and enjoy the game with a sense of “detachment.”   They may not like “losing one turn,” but the better the player, the more likely they can laugh about it because, from the larger perspective, they know they can use ALL their experiences on the board to “win” at a much larger “game” – one that brings not just temporary fun, but real joy that doesn’t go away!

As many wise teachers have suggested, “Whatever arises, love that!”