Saturday, December 19, 2015

Welcome! A Letter from Author Kim Beyer

Welcome to Hieroglyphics of the Spirit, the new blog of interfaith spiritual counselor Rev. Karen Bacon.  I met Karen over seven years ago in Alpena, Michigan and was at once impressed and awed by her artwork, writing, and more importantly, her deep compassion and nurturing spirit.

You, the reader, are in for a journey that will transform you.  Karen is quietly committed to interfaith dialogue and spiritual counseling even as she grounds herself in what many would call Progressive or Emerging Christianity.  But you will be hard-put to place limits or impose categories on this woman. Her breadth of learning and on-going inquisitiveness, combined with the way she is so skillful at inviting us all into her on-going experiences, will no doubt touch and inspire you.

I am blessed to call her my friend.  I hope you find you will be blessed to listen to her words of wisdom. We have a deep need in our world for such voices.


Kimberly Beyer, MA, CHHC, CYth, SD, RM
Author of The Hidden Message of the Gospel of Thomas, This Nurturing Awe, A Little Book of Wholeness and Prayer, and An Invitation to Openness (with Rev. Sue Sutherland-Hanson)