Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Introducing Myself--Rev. Karen Bacon

In a nutshell, I am proof that dead people can live again! No, I didn’t physically die and come back to life as with an NDE.  I was simply one of those people who had died inside and then, miraculously, was “born again!”  Let me clarify that. Most my life I had struggled with a kind of mental illness. Eventually diagnosed with clinical depression and dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality), I fought (despite great inner pain) to function and appear “normal.”  I managed to marry at 18, had 2 beautiful children and eventually got a BS in clinical/community psychology.  I even helped my husband through seminary and became a United Methodist minister’s wife! However, the longer I tried to play the game of “normal,” the “crazier” I got. In the last 10 yrs. of this hellish rollercoaster ride, despite years of therapy, the self harm and suicide attempts became so extreme, I was put on heavy duty medications, repeatedly hospitalized on DID units, and even given electroshock treatments.  The next stop was death!  And then something began to change.  Though I had given up on God long ago, I began having what I called “mystical, ecstatic experiences” and before I knew it, the flames of hell had given way to heavenly bliss! My life healed and the spiritual path became my “pearl of great price!” In time, I was ordained an interfaith minister and then, in 2012, graduated as an interspiritual counselor.  And that’s it in a nutshell!

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